GPS Tracking Services

We are primarily involved in rendering GPS tracking services. GPS Tracker Service comes with the latest technology for best analysis of your fleet or automobile. we provide customized tracking via open source GLONASS.

GPS vehicle tracking software gathers information from the GPS enabled device and compiles it in a myriad of interesting ways that lend tremendous insight into your business and the operation of your vehicles. While GPS vehicle tracking software can deliver all the information necessary to determine location, direction, and speed, thanks to the additional vehicle data that can be provided over a GPRS or cellular network, these systems will also give you an incredible array of additional information including excessive idle time, ignition start / stop information, allow you to set alerts when a vehicle goes outside set boundaries or exceeds maximum speeds. We provide Gps access via webpage and customer is responsible for the management of the page. we do not monitor your devices and will only help to resolve technical issues if any.